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  • BRIGHT & RIGHT® is a high-ranking, professional, full-service law firm focusing on international commercial legal affairs, dedicated to offering global clients pragmatic, high-quality, cost-effective services.  We strive for excellence and competence and uphold the highest ethical standards. Our team’s highly-qualified education, both domestically and abroad, plus rich, successful professional experience, achieved through the dedicated working style, have been enabling us to win ongoing trust and recognition from our clients.  We owe our success to our founding values: professional specialization, dedication and team practice by high-quality professionals modeling honesty and integrity, and never compromising our commitment to superior client service with good conscience. At our practice we serve you as we would our family.
  • Most of our partners and lawyers graduated from famous institutions of higher learning in China and continued their educations at prestigious universities in Japan, Germany, the USA, the UK, Canada, and Australia as well as in Hong Kong and Macau, receiving LL.M. and Dr. jur. degrees. We have many years of practical working experience abroad and have been serving domestic and foreign clients for more than twenty (20) years.  Members of BRIGHT & RIGHT® all share similar career aspirations and life goals, combining rich talent and high moral standards.  We have been providing our domestic and foreign clients with comprehensive packages of high-quality commercial legal services, adhering to the service principles of being “professional, persistent and perfect”.  We command Chinese, English, Japanese, German, Russian, French and the like as service languages, and we are, in particular, experts in offering pragmatic, innovative and cutting-edge solutions to complicated legal issues, thus always winning the recognition and trust from our clients.

    With these many years of legal practice and experience, BRIGHT & RIGHT® has established and maintained the professional relationships with more than ten (10) foreign law firms, as well as relationships of mutual case entrustment with more than one hundred (100) lawyers from over twenty (20) countries. As a result, an international platform of global commercial legal services has been developed, of which BRIGHT & RIGHT® is proud to be part, providing our domestic and foreign clients with comprehensive, professional, high-quality commercial legal services, while also enhancing the growth of BRIGHT & RIGHT® itself.

    The brand BRIGHT & RIGHT® is being accepted and recognized by more and more clients, and in the process, becoming a synonym for high-quality legal services in China.  At present, both foreign clients who plan to invest in China and Chinese enterprises planning to make investments in foreign countries can make use of the BRIGHT & RIGHT’s international platform of global commercial legal services, enjoying our speedy, cost-effective, high-quality and professional legal services.
  • Our reputation is built upon our professional dedication.  BRIGHT & RIGHT® is one of the most professional, quality-oriented law firms in China.  The legal Professionals of BRIGHT & RIGHT® are endowed with respected academic qualifications and a vast array of legal experience and practice in the fields of
        foreign investment,
        market access for foreign enterprises,
        international franchise management,
        mergers & acquisitions of enterprises with foreign investments,
        international corporate affairs,
        liquidation & bankruptcy of enterprises with foreign investments,
        intellectual property rights of enterprises with foreign investments,
        international trade,
        international maritime affairs,
        project management with foreign investments in construction engineering,
        international arbitration and litigation,
        IT, telecommunication, mass media, energy resources, environment protection and the like.
  • The professional committees for such practice areas as Foreign Investment, M&A, Franchise Management, IPR, Labor and Employment, Corporate Affairs with Foreign Investment, International Arbitration and Litigation and Anti-trust have been set up in BRIGHT & RIGHT®, which are led by the senior partners of BRIGHT & RIGHT®.  By effectively allocating the domestic and foreign resources of BRIGHT & RIGHT® to meet the needs of our clients, our partners are able to offer bespoke commercial legal solutions to our clients.
  • In particular, BRIGHT & RIGHT® is recognized in the English-speaking and German-speaking circles in China.  Consequently, BRIGHT & RIGHT® has been listed on the websites of US Embassy, German Embassy and German Chamber of Commerce as one of the law firms recommended therein for international clients, while many other foreign Embassies often let their citizens or companies choose their legal representations in the same lists.  To this end, the strong German practice team of BRIGHT & RIGHT®, consisting of qualified legal professionals who are expert in both German and Chinese laws with excellent command of both German and English, has been offering satisfactory services to more and more German-speaking clients both within and outside China.

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