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  • Our Values
  • BRIGHT & RIGHT® is a caring family of highly-qualified legal professionals, which combines the approach and feel of a small business, with that of a multi-national company. How does BRIGHT & RIGHT® survive and succeed in the fiercely competitive legal service industry in China and around the world? We deliver exceptional service to our clients and build our reputation client by client, case by case. Highly-satisfied clients come back – and tell others about us BRIGHT & RIGHT®. Our goal has never been to be the biggest; we simply work very hard to be the best.
  • We believe that we owe our enduring success to our founding values: professional specializations and team operations by highly-qualified legal professionals with honesty and integrity and good conscience, treating our colleagues and our clients like family members and never compromising our commitment to superior client service with heart and soul.

  • Our founding values are:
    Our brand BRIGHT & RIGHT® is the most valuable thing we own;
    Personal honesty and integrity and good conscience are the foundation of our success;
    Dedicated and meticulous service to our clients is our way of life;
    BRIGHT & RIGHT® is a fun, friendly family where trust, mutual care and teamwork rule.

  • These values are being translated into action by each and every member of BRIGHT & RIGHT® – we live these values day in and day out, year in and year out. We never veer from our founding principles. As we live out our founding values through persistent efforts, we protect our name and serve our clients. After all, we have to earn our success, each and every day with hard efforts.

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