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Admiralty & Maritime Affairs
Admiralty & Maritime Affairs

  • BRIGHT & RIGHT® has legal professionals with rich and successful experience in admiralty and maritime affairs. They have studied maritime law and marine insurance in and outside China, possessing rich knowledge and experience in providing relevant legal services to domestic and international clients on maritime transportation, marine insurance and other relevant areas relative to admiralty and maritime affairs. They have been representing shipping companies, shipbuilding companies, chartering companies, protection and indemnity club for ship-owners, charterers' mutual insurance associations, owners, insurers, towing companies, and salvage companies from home and abroad in dealing with ship building, ship financing, marine accidents, marine transportation, marine insurance, services at sea, engineering projects at sea, sea pollution and other admiralty and maritime affairs.

  • BRIGHT & RIGHT® offers the admiralty and maritime services in:
     creating, examining and reviewing the legal documents such as ship-building contracts, ship-repair contract, ship-purchasing contracts, salvage contracts, towage contracts, charter, ship mortgage contracts, B/L clauses, sludge-breaking contracts, contracts on sea crew external assignment and the like;
     participating in financing of shipbuilding and ship-purchasing;
     handling ship chartering and shipping agency;
     handling disputes from loss of cargo, damage of cargo, cargo possession without B/L and the like;
     handling marine accidents like ship collision, oil leakage, damage to marine plantation, personnel casualties and so on;
     handling disputes from bareboat charter, time charter and voyage charter;
     handling disputes from services in construction, towage and salvage at sea;
     handling disputes from shipbuilding, ship repair and ship purchase;
     handling disputes from harbor accidents;
     handling disputes from employment contract on sea crew external assignment and from employment contract at sea;
     dealing with preservation measures such as preservation of maritime evidence, ship arrest, cargo arrest, fuel arrest, freezing of freight and the like; and
     dealing with relevant affairs relative to marine insurance.

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