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Aviation Law
Aviation Law
  • Ours, BRIGHT & RIGHT®, has, during these years of self-study and services to our clients in the aviation industry, gained the thorough understanding of and rich valuable experience in the various business sectors of aviation industry in China. We have advised our domestic and international clients in the aviation industry on the relevant business related to the aircraft leasing, financing, manufacturing, regulation compliance, passenger claims and the like.
  • Our services includes:
     Aviation Safety,
     Aircraft Evaluation,
     Aircraft Registration,
     Aircraft Insurance,
     Claims against Airlines in Aircraft Accidents & Aircraft Disasters,
     Commercial Aviation Operations,
     Employment of Pilots and Crew Members,
     Establishment, Operation and Management of Airports,
     Flight Schools,
     Import, Purchase, Lease, Trust, Mortgage and Maintenance of Civil Aircrafts,
     Transportation of Hazardous Materials.

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