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Banking, Insurance & Securities
  • BRIGHT & RIGHT® is experienced in domestic and international financing transactions. Our services include: assisting with finance structuring, conducting due diligence investigations, reviewing project related documents, making legal analysis, creating or revising the loan agreements and security documents, offering advice and comments, and participating in negotiations and issuing legal opinions.
  • Our services in this area include:
  • Aircraft Finance
    helps clients finance or lease aircrafts or other aviation equipments in structuring the transactions, drafting relevant documentation, attending negotiation, providing legal analysis, preparing documentation for closing, issuing legal opinions, handling the registration of rights and interests in aircraft and so on.
  • Banking Regulation
    Having the in-depth understanding of PRC laws and frequent communication and close cooperation with regulatory authorities, BRIGHT & RIGHT® helps clients in the compliance services with every regulatory matter of all banking business. Besides, we assist clients in creating and updating tailor-made standard documentation such as general credit facility agreements, guarantees, credit card business, account opening documentation, and other agreements or documents required in the banking business.
  • Credit Facility
    provides the legal services of credit facilities to financial institutions of all nature, including banks, automobile financing companies, leasing companies, trust investment companies and other non-banking financial companies. To be specific, our services include general credit loan facilities, trade finance, factoring, financial retail services, such as consumer credit and so on.
  • Debt Restructuring
    helps clients design restructuring programs, create relevant legal documentation, issue legal opinions, negotiate with business parties and communicate with relevant government authorities.
  • Derivatives
    helps clients launch derivatives within the Chinese regulatory framework in the following areas:
     domestic credit derivatives;
     domestic equity derivatives;
     domestic commodity derivatives;
     cross-border derivatives involving rates, credit, equity and commodities;
     notes and other borrowed money obligations linked to reference asset performance;
     other hybrid fund-raising instruments;
     derivatives as part of complex financial transactions such as securitization and project finance, as well as trading strategies such as arbitrage.
  • Energy Projects
    BRIGHT & RIGHT® helps clients in transactions of energy projects at all aspects, including structuring transaction, conducting due diligence, providing legal analysis, assisting registration and approval procedure, creating all kinds of agreements and other relevant documents.
  • Export Credit Facility
    offers export credit facility services including creating and revising financing documents and other documents, designing transaction structure, reviewing related project documents, offering legal analysis and advice, assisting in getting export credit insurance, participating in negotiation and the like.
  • Disposal of Non-performing Loans
    offers services in non-performing loans including conducting due diligence, structuring transaction, creating relevant documents, participating in negotiation with business parties, communicating with government authorities, producing legal opinions and so on.
  • Project Financing
    offers services in project financing in a wide range of industries: energy, real estate, transportation, ports, water and other infrastructure and manufacturing sectors. Where our professionals help clients handle a full spectrum of legal concerns in all aspects of project management, including incorporation of project companies, loan arrangement, collateral creation, environmental protection, construction, insurance, land use rights, tax, foreign exchange, relevant approval and registration, coordination with governmental authorities and the like.
  • Secured Transactions
    BRIGHT & RIGHT® helps clients create security in banking business, such as guarantee, equipment mortgages, real estate mortgages, pledges of shares, and pledges over other contractual rights and so on. Our services herein include conducting due diligence on collateral, designing security structure, creating relevant legal documents, handling registration, providing legal opinion on PRC laws and so forth.
  • Syndicated Loan
    provides services of syndicated loans to borrowers and lenders, including international financial institutions, domestic financial institutions and enterprises in creating and reviewing legal agreements, participating in negotiations, providing legal opinion and so forth.

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