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General Corporate Affairs
Foreign Direct Investments
  • As a full-service law firm focusing on international commercial legal affairs in China, BRIGHT & RIGHT® has rich and successful experience in offering legal services to both multinationals investing in China and domestic companies receiving investments from their foreign partners. We have worked on many high-ranking projects in a wide range of industries. We advise and assist and accompany our clients through each individual stage of their projects in the entire investment process: advising our clients in deciding upon the most effective structuring of their deals, assisting in finding and/or evaluating their potential business partners and locations, conducting due diligence on target companies and the like. Additionally, we create, review transactional documents and offer legal opinions thereupon, negotiate entire document terms on our client’s behalf, and monitor the complete investment process for our clients to safeguard their legitimate interests. Due to our qualifications, expertise and experience we are cable of helping clients manage complicated and unpredictable project processes.
  • The practice areas of BRIGHT & RIGHT® include the following:
  • Acquisitions of Business & Assets by Foreign Investors
    Since China's accession to the WTO, foreign investors have become increasingly interested in acquiring local businesses and enterprises. The M&A related service of BRIGHT & RIGHT® includes assisting clients in identifying target companies, determining optimal legal/tax deal structures, creating contractual documentations and providing on-the-spot support at negotiation tables. Our competitive advantage is the wonderful combination of high-qualifications, rich experience and dedication, enabling us to offer cutting-edge solutions to our clients.
  • Company Secretarial Services
    BRIGHT & RIGHT® offers company secretarial services to enterprises with foreign investment, helping them manage their daily operations. We take pride in our cost-effective, professional company secretarial services that include:
     handling the approval and registration procedures for legal entity establishment;
     completing post-establishment registration procedures;
     maintaining company registrations and filings;
     renewing or changing business licenses;
     preparing board resolutions and minutes;
     managing important company stamps; and
     assisting in annual company inspection.
  • Establishment of Enterprises with Foreign Investment
    We, the legal professionals of BRIGHT & RIGHT®, assist clients in establishing and expanding their presence in China through establishing enterprises with foreign investment, which can take a variety of legal forms depending on the client's needs, such as equity joint venture, contractual joint venture, wholly foreign owned enterprise and the like. We also assist many local Chinese enterprises in finding foreign investors and in cooperating with their foreign partners in various forms. Our experience in establishment of enterprises with foreign investment covers many business sectors such as pharmaceuticals, environmental, automotive, energy, construction, e-commerce, chemicals, conference and exhibitions, infrastructure, power, distribution, machinery, building materials, transportation and the like.
  • Establishment of Representative Offices
    We, the legal professionals of BRIGHT & RIGHT®, help our international clients establish representative offices, which is often the first step for many foreign companies to set foot on the China market. We help deal with registration procedures, assist in drafting and negotiating the employment and lease contracts, act as the liaison for clients, and fulfill other necessary steps to ensure the clients’ smooth transition into China.
  • Liquidation & Dissolution of Enterprises with Foreign Investment
    Sometimes it becomes necessary to terminate, liquidate and dissolve an enterprise with foreign investment, and, we, the legal professionals of BRIGHT & RIGHT, will also offer our professional help. We advise our clients in dispute resolution procedures to seek the best legal remedy and play an important role in ensuring the smooth, professional liquidation and dissolution process to safeguard the clients' best interests. Our professionals often act as chairman or members of liquidation committees, having a good understanding of the regulatory procedures and providing competent solutions to complicated issues during the winding-up processes.
  • On-going Legal Advice to Enterprises with Foreign Investment
    We, the legal professionals of BRIGHT & RIGHT®, have been acting as long-term legal counsel for enterprises with foreign investment. We provide them with daily legal support in their operational activities, getting them informed of the new legal developments relative to their business and industry. We assist them in remaining compliant with relevant regulations on tax, foreign exchange, labor, environmental concerns, customs and the like. We help them create and maintain the relevant internal management rules and regulations to ensure the success their business activities, including drafting the stamp use regulations and helping them manage their stamps carefully, which is a special feature in the corporate management in China. Many clients no longer treat us as “lawyers” but valued team members, and our professionals are often invited to serve as their directors or company secretaries in China.
  • In particular, we have been serving many German-speaking enterprises as their yearly legal counsel in the daily management of their subsidiaries in China, whereby, we, the legal professionals of BRIGHT & RIGHT®, often work together with the legal departments of the mother companies in Germany, functioning as the “extended legal arms” for their local subsidiaries in China.
  • Private Equity Funds
    The rapid growth of China's private sector and the massive restructuring of its state-owned sector have attracted many private equity funds. The legal professionals of BRIGHT & RIGHT® possess the in-depth knowledge and rich experience in the formation, investment and deployment of private equity funds. We represent large and well-established funds, venture capitals as well as small but fast-growing startup companies. Our services include establishing private equity funds, structuring investment vehicles, handling and negotiating equity investment projects or mixed debt and equity investments, advising on exit strategy, buy-outs, IPOs and so on.
  • Restructuring & Share Transfer of Enterprises with Foreign Investment
    Having established their presence in China, many companies start re-evaluating their investment structure in China. To this end, we, the legal professionals of BRIGHT & RIGHT®, assist them in increasing equity stakes, buying out their venture partners, consolidating their China operations and subsidiaries, changing business scope, restructuring the board and management, extending operation term and the like.

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