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Intellectual Property Rights
Intellectual Property Rights
  • IP Litigation and Legal Affairs
  • BRIGHT & RIGHT® has extensive experience in representing domestic and international corporations in intellectual property litigation, ranging from judicial review of administrative decisions for granting patents and trademarks to civil litigation related to disputes of patent, trademark, copyrights, domain name, unfair competition and so forth.
  • Besides, we, the legal professionals of BRIGHT & RIGHT®, assist clients in
     advising on assignment and licensing of intellectual property;
     advising on protection of copyright, domain name and trade secrets;
     advising on copyright protection strategy and other IP-related rights and risk management measures; and
     advising on other intellectual property related matters.
  • Patents
  • BRIGHT & RIGHT® offers clients high-quality patent services, cooperating with global patent attorneys and agents to create comprehensive and integrated protection schemes.
  • Specifically, we, the legal professionals of BRIGHT & RIGHT®,
     advise on patent protection strategies;
     prepare and handle patent applications (inventions, utility models and designs);
     handle patent reexaminations and invalidations;
     carry on judicial review of administrative decisions;
     advise on patent validity and patent infringement;
     enforce patent rights through judicial and administrative channels;
     enforce patent rights via the customs;
     offer patent searches and watch services;
     advise on patent-related issues arising in commercial transactions including licensing and franchising;
     provide patent annuity payment and reminder services; and
     manage patent portfolios and so on.
  • Trademark
  • BRIGHT & RIGHT® offers trademark services in strategic planning for brand protection, trademark prosecution, trademark portfolio management, enforcement of trademark rights, unfair competition actions and the like.
  • Specifically, our services include:
     advising on general trademark protection strategies;
     managing trademark portfolios;
     offering trademark searches and watch services;
     handling trademark applications;
     dealing with trademark opposition procedures, reviews on refusal and cancellations;
     handling judicial review of administrative decisions;
     conducting market and company investigations;
     enforcing trademark rights through administrative and judicial channels;
     enforcing trademark rights through the customs;
     advising on trademark related issues in commercial transactions including licensing and franchising;
     dealing with domain name registration and dispute resolution therefor; and
     handling other trademark-related matters.

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