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  • As China's economy is developing so fast, getting more and more connected with the world economy, corporate mergers and acquisitions have become a standard way for an international company to gain corporate presence in a new market or to realize new corporate development policy.  Consequently, BRIGHT & RIGHT® is much experienced in a variety of M&A transactions.


  • Our M&A service includes due diligence, legal advice, negotiations, preparation of legal documentations for the acquisition and disposition of businesses and so on.  We represent acquirers, target companies, financial advisors in a variety of industries and transactions, including:


  • Common forms of M&A
    We, the legal professionals of BRIGHT & RIGHT®, advise clients in structuring, negotiating and closing numerous types of mergers and acquisitions.  Our experience includes nearly every form of business combination, including equity acquisitions, asset acquisitions, leveraged buyout, tender offers, acquisition by auctions and mergers.  We help clients solve the legal and regulatory issues relative to M&A in structuring the transactions, assisting in financing, negotiating and documenting the transaction and completing filing obligations and fulfilling substantive approval requirements.


  • Joint ventures and strategic alliances
    is good at providing complex and competent legal services for multinational and domestic companies with respect to their joint venture and strategic alliance projects.  Our professionals work with founders and investors in choosing the best form of business for their particular needs, fully considering exit strategies, tax considerations and regulatory constraints as well as the ultimate goals and intent of the particular business, its owners and the investors.  We often employ joint venture contracts, shareholders agreements, technical assistance arrangements and similar legal arrangements to ensure the smooth fulfillment of their business goals.


  • Venture capital transactions
    Being expert in the legal issues arising in all phases of venture capital transactions, we, the legal professionals of BRIGHT & RIGHT®, advise clients in structuring private equity funds and represent venture investors in their initial and follow-on investments in portfolio companies.  We understand the motivations and philosophy of venture capital transactions and have rich experience in setting exit mechanism in IPO, third party sale, management buyout, call or put option and dissolution and so on.

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