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Real Estate & Construction
Real Estate & Construction
  • As the booming economy continues in China, especially, with the present heavy reliance in the investment in the infrastructure, in particular, in the field of real estate, the real estate market has been very hot, where the housing price has gone up much more beyond the purchasing power of normal working class, and the real estate speculation remains active. Under these circumstances, BRIGHT & RIGHT® has been helping domestic and international clients with their business endeavors related to the real estate and construction in the last ten (10) years.

  • In General, BRIGHT & RIGHT® offers the real estate services in
    acquisition & transfer of land use right;
    relocation, demolition and resettlement;
    development and transfer of real estate project;
    M&A of real estate projects;
    bank loan, project finance and trust for real estate projects;
    filing of presale registration, sale registration, and mortgage registration;
    preparation of legal documents including real estate presale contracts, real estate sale & purchase contracts, mortgage loan contracts;
    advising management of hotels with foreign investment;
    bidding and tendering of construction projects; and
    resolution of disputes in real estate development and management.

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