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Mr. Xiao Lin, LL.M.
  • Contact Information
  • Xiao Lin
  • LL.M. (Kobe), Senior Attorney-at-Law, Founding Partner, Vice President & General Secretary of BBAC

  • Educational Background
  • ■LL.M., Kobe University, Japan

  • Professional Qualifications
  • ■Chinese Bar

  • Membership
  • ■All China lawyers Association
  • ■Business Bar Association of China
  • ■China Behavioral Law Association

  • Brief Introduction
  • ■He has, been the editor for the Periodical “Jurisprudence” for several years before his becoming the professional lawyer in 1989 and his continuing practice ever since. Meanwhile from 1994 till 1998 he has done the research and study as the counsel for China Behavioral Law Association in Beijing People's Higher Court; from 1998 till 2000, he has been the visiting scholar in the Municipal University of Osaka, Japan; and from 2001-2003he has studied in the Department of Law at Kobe University, Japan with LL.M.  
  • ■Since his return in 2003, he has been concentrating on the mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations of large commercial enterprises as well as the establishment of franchising system therein, and the liquidations and bankruptcies of enterprises with foreign investments. So far he has established more than 30 nation-wide large-scale chain management systems, such as Huazhi Alcohol Chain, Zhenghai Construction & Decoration Chain, Jinpu Screen Wall Chain, Time-Sculpture Coffee Chain, Japan熱熱烈烈ダンダンNoodle Chain, Japan AIE GPS Application System, F1 Racing, OE Garments of France, Mujinhua Garments, Jinwei Nail Beautification and the like, dealt with more than 70 disputes relative to the franchising management agreements such as Franchisee v. Yonghe King, one Han v. one Body-building company, one Wang v. one Beijing Girl Ornaments and so on, thus creating several precedents of judicial solutions to franchising management contracts and establishing the theory on business-law solutions to franchising management. Meanwhile he works as IPR legal counsel for many IT-related enterprises such as Shijia (China) Internet Science Co., Ltd., Japan AIE Digital Mapping, Zhongke Lianzhong Science & Technology, Digital Video Electronics, etc.  

  • Publications
  • Generals on Bankruptcy, Bangyu Xie and Xiao Lin as co-authors, Hunan University Press, 10. 1987;
  • Lectures on Bankruptcy Law, in: The World of Lawyers 7, 1988 to 12, 1998;
  • Protecting Wisdom — Tracking the IPR Suits in China, co-produced by the People's Higher Court of Beijing, China Educational TV Station and China Behavioral Law Association in 1988, Chief author: Xiao Lin, Chief Planer: Xiao Lin, Ke Niu, Yongshun Cheng, Producer: Ke Niu, Xiao Lin;
  • Relationship of Priority between the Registered Trade Marks and the Unregistered Famous Trade Marks, in: China Trade Marks, 9, 2003;
  • Questioning the Execution of Patent on DVD6C,  on the website of China IPR on 10. 28, 2003;
  • Varieties of Illegally monopolized Technology in the Licensing of IPR, on the website of China IPR on 11.20, 2003;
  • Trends in the Misuse of Playing Right of the Present MTV & Kara OK Works, 4.8, 2004;

  • Working Languages
  • ■Japanese & Chinese

  • Contact
  • ■Handy: 133 3100 6706
  • ■Dir: +86-10-5128 9299
  • ■Tel: +86-10-5128 9298 ext. 811
  • ■Fax: +86-10-5128 9296
  • ■E-mail: linxiao@BrightandRight.com

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