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Mr. Weiguo Li, MBA
  • Contact Information
  • Mr. Weiguo Li
  • MBA(Hong Kong), Attorney-at-Law & Founding Partner

  • Educational Background
  • ■MBA of Hong Kong International Business College
  • ■International Business Administration Program for CEO of Tsinghua University
  • ■B.S. in Architecture from Gansu Institute for Irrigation Works
  • ■B.A. in Law from Party College of Central Committee of C.P.C.

  • Professional Qualifications
  • ■Chinese Bar, 1986
  • ■Qualifications in Securities Lawyer, 1996
  • ■Qualifications as Engineer & Economist

  • Areas of Practice
  • ■He possesses comprehensive knowledge and rich experience, especially rich experience and great achievements in acting as legal counsel and management consultant for enterprises and institutions.  
  • ■He is expert in dealing with civil and commercial disputes arising from company restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, liquidation and shareholder lawsuits, which are related to corporate law, contract Law, securities law, etc., and in particular expert in legal service and management of the stock company reform of SMEs and the IPO therefor.  

  • Professional Experience
  • ■Mr. Li has engaged in different careers such as in road construction, building design and construction, infrastructure investment management, and worked as civil servant, judicial officer, executive director of IT Company and full-time lawyer, etc.
  • ■He has been the founder and executive director of Gansu Jing Lun Law Firm.  
  • ■He has been the director of Beijing Jin Tian Lun Law Firm;
  • ■He has the deputy director of Management Committee of Beijing Hua Tai Law Firm;
  • ■He has been legal counsel for dozens of enterprises and institutions such as Ben Ma AG, Beijing Century Bo Wei Electronics Co., Ltd., Beijing Zhong Ke Zhi Co., Ltd., Beijing Fan Hua Group Corporation, Connect Wilson (Penglai) Chemie Co., Ltd., China Literature Foundation, and Beijing People's Museum of Art. He has been appointed as independent director and member of supervisory board by a number of companies that are going to be listed on the market such as Beijing Rui da Time Technology Co., Ltd. and Qing Yuan Investment Group Co., Ltd.
  • ■He has represented his clients in more than 1,000 important civil, commercial and criminal defense cases. He has participated in legal services to a dozen of companies in their stock company reforms and IPOs.  
  • ◆He is president and presiding legal counsel for the Council of Tsinghua CEO club and chief legal counsel of www.linkceo.cn.  

  • Working Languages
  • ■Chinese

  • Contact
  • ■Handy: 139 1020 7546
  • ■Dir: +86-10-5905-1091/5879 7178
  • ■Fax: +86-10-5128 9296
  • ■E-mail: liweiguo@BrightandRight.com

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