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Mr. Al Soaib
  • Contact Information
  • Mr. Mohammad H. Al-Soaib
  • Attorney-at-Law (Saudi Arabia), Partner & Expert on Law of Saudi Arabia

  • He is a Saudi national, and was born in 1969 in Beirut, Lebanon.  He obtained a degree in law from King Saud University in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. After graduating, he worked with some of the most famous law firms in the country, before establishing his own practice in 1995.  He is very experienced with Saudi Courts and competent in pleading in front of all Courts and Committees.  As the senior litigator of the firm, Mr. Al-Soaib assumes personal responsibility for directing the actions of the firm’s clients through the court systems in Saudi Arabia.  
  • During the past fifteen (15) years he has become one of the most successful lawyers in the Kingdom, especially in the field of construction.  
  • He has attended many sessions and workshops in various fields, including:
  • ■Trade Marks and Patents Symposium
    ■Principles and Fundamentals of the WTO
    ■Engineering Arbitration Symposium
    ■Combating ‘Dumping’ Within the Scope of the WTO
    ■International Construction Contracts and Dispute Resolution (ICC)
  • He is a member of:
  • ■The Arab Lawyers league.  
    ■The International Trademark Association (INTA).  
    ■The Saudi American Business Council.  
    ■The SAGIA’s 10*10 program.  
  • Working Languages: Arabic & English
  • E-Mail:soaib@soaiblaw.com

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