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Mr. Hong Chang
  • Contact Information
  • Mr. Hong Chang
  • M.A. in Law (Peking University), Attorney-at-Law & Partner

  • Educational Background
  • ■Liaoning University of Engineering Technology, Enterprise Management, B.A. in Science;
  • ■Peking University, Intellectual Property Rights, M.A. in Law

  • Working Experience
  • ■BRIGHT & RIGHT, Attorney-at-Law & Partner
  • ■Zhongzhao Law Firm, Attorney-at-Law 

  • Areas of Practice
  • ■He has been concentrating on litigation and arbitration cases, whereby he has represented his clients in the cases related to intellectual property rights, international trade, corporate management, real estate, construction projects and the like, while he has gained his specializations in handling the cases related to the finance, commercial corruption, and other types of commercial crimes as well as the cases for re-trial.
  • ■He has been acting as the legal counsel for Shangdong Green-leaf Pharmaceutical Group Company, Taiwan Hongzhu Industrial Stock Co., Ltd., Dongguan Tiger Band Hardware & Plastic Fabrication Co., Ltd., Taiwan Jintai Stock Co., Ltd., Harbin Qiaofu Real Estate Service Co., Ltd., Huizhou Dinglei Artistic Handicrafts Co., Ltd., Hongkong MDG Co., Ltd., Beijing Fengyuwei Chain Catering Co., Ltd., Beijing Shengbolong Golf Cuture Communication Co., Ltd., Beijing MICROMINE Interntational Software Co., Ltd., Danyang Donggang Light Fixtures Co., Ltd., Tangshan Feng & Feng Metal Grinding Wheels Factory, Shenzhen Yuehau Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Main Station for Animal Husbandry, Japan Shanxing Co., Ltd. and so on.  

  • Professional Belief
  • ■Putting the clients’interests in the first place all the time, devoting himself to each individual case;
  • ■Combining professional knowledge with communication and coordination: though the profound legal knowledge remains important, the excellent skills in communication and negotiation can help resolve many disputes;
  • ■Selflessness resulting in fearlessness: sticking to the moral basis and professional integrity, and never compromising with unjust interests;
  • ■Team Coordination in solving large-scale complicated disputes, whereby the team work is important.

  • Contact
  • ■Handy: +86 139 114 60899
  • ■Dir: +86 10-5879 0376
  • ■Fax: +86 10-5128 9296
  • ■E-mail: changhong@brightandright.com

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