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  • Welcome to BRIGHT & RIGHT®,

    China International Business Attorneys!

  • Ours, BRIGHT & RIGHT®, China International Business Attorneys, is a rising professional service team for international legal affairs with outstanding capabilities, keen intellects, unyielding integrity and extraordinary dedication to understand and serve our clients with good conscience – our surest professional reward.

  • For over twenty (20) years both domestically within China and internationally, ours, BRIGHT & RIGHT®, has been committed to serving our local and international clients, especially German clients, with heart and hand. The shared experiences, knowledge, resources and values by each and every team member of BRIGHT & RIGHT® give us what we need to fulfill our commitments to both our clients and ourselves. Through understanding the strategy and needs of our clients in the global economy, and through dedicating ourselves to the best interests of our clients with good conscience, BRIGHT & RIGHT® has won and enjoyed our clients' constant true trust – our everlasting professional joy.

  • In particular, BRIGHT & RIGHT®, the strong team for German practice, consisting of several qualified legal professionals who have respectively obtained LL.M., Dr. jur. and/or passed state exam in renowned German universities and are expert in German, European and Chinese laws with the excellent command of both German and English, has been offering satisfactory services to more and more German-speaking clients both within and outside China. Consequently, BRIGHT & RIGHT® is well recognized in the English- and German-speaking circles in China, and BRIGHT & RIGHT® has been listed on the websites of US Embassy, German Embassy and German Chamber of Commerce as one of the law firms recommended therein for international clients, while many other foreign Embassies often let their citizens or companies choose their legal representations in the same lists.

  • We hope that you will be able to learn something basic about us BRIGHT & RIGHT® in these pages, which will be the first step of furthering the mutual understanding between yourselves and ourselves in this modern world where the trust, integrity, good conscience and high moral standards are unfortunately no longer the natural good virtues of human beings.

  • Our clients have been coming to us BRIGHT & RIGHT® for reliable cost-effective high-quality services from the trustworthy highly-qualified dedicated legal professionals of good conscience. We hope, to the same end, you are coming to us BRIGHT & RIGHT® now!

  • Finally, we look forward to meeting you, getting to know you, becoming your reliable business partner in and outside China and becoming friends with you.

  • Sincerely yours,

  • Michael (Zuowei) Liu

  • Dr. jur. (Münster), LL.M.(Münster), Attorney-at-Law,
  • Founding Partner in charge of International Legal Affairs &
  • Vice Director for German Law Institute of Harbin University of Technology

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