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Claim on behalf of German Client against Another Taxi Company of Confusion of Corporate Personality for Joint & Several Liability of Compensation
  • Dr. Michael (Zuowei) Liu, Attorney-at-Law & Founding Partner and his colleague Linda Lin, Attorney-at-Law of BRIGHT & RIGHT®, have been able to carry forward the relevant litigation activities related to the German client’s compensation of traffic accident during the three-year pandemic.  We have applied for the compulsory execution of the court judgment on the first part (not related to the disability appraisal) of accident compensation after our having successfully achieved it for our German client, yet the taxi company has turned out to have no financial assets for the execution.  Consequently, we have had to initiate a separate claim against another taxi company of confusion of corporate personality for its joint and several liability for the statutory liability of compensation assumed by the taxi company.  We have attended the court hearing therefor after the pandemic and have been awaiting the court judgment of first instance.

    Prepared and edited by Press Department of BRIGHT & RIGHT®

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